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Country & Gospel Singer, Songwriter
Count Music Productions

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"Oh What A Beautiful World"

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All songs unless otherwise noted are written by Red Johnson and
Published by Count Music, BMI, 2006   All rights reserved.

Recorded at Count Studios

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1. Oh What A Beautiful World
2. Talking Eyes

3. I Take Great Pride In My Love (Voit/Johnson)
4. You Could Always Go Someplace Else   

5. I Could Never Forget That (Voit/Johnson)

6. Nobody's Jealous

7. Strangers to Friends

8. The Oak

9. Did Anyone Ever Die In Your Arms

10. Here's The Church

11. You're All I Thought You'd Be

12. I Still Wonder About You


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An Old Song
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Blue Rose
bullet-red.gif (937 bytes) Country Gospel

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The Local Entertainer
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Veteran's Day
bullet-red.gif (937 bytes) My Collection
bullet-red.gif (937 bytes) Oh What A Beautiful World
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My Kind Of Country (MKOC)
Red Johnson is an Official artist of MKOC

Red Johnson, Inc c/o Val Manning
8016 Iris Dr.
Brooklyn Park, MN. 55428
Phone: 763-537-4513


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